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No Dublin Announcement in TodayFM Interview


U2 fans will need to wait a bit longer for an announcement for U2's shows in Dublin. At the end of a nearly 50-minute, pre-taped interview with the late Tony Fenton that aired today on Dublin's TodayFM, Bono said that the tour would not fit in 3Arena. Hot Press posted a report while the interview was airing that a band spokesperson stated, "On the pre-recorded interview with Bono we know that he talked about playing Ireland this year and what they would like to do around the shows. However, this interview was recorded four months ago at a time when plans and dates were still being finalised. The Irish dates are not yet confirmed."

Bono described the philosophy around the Innocence + Experience tour as "a mind mess to divide our audience and cause some mayhem." He went on to state, "There's a unity of purpose at the end of a U2 show that's amazing."

The interview did touch on many personal subjects ranging from Bono's sons missing Dublin when the family moved briefly to New York City to Gavin Friday saving "With Or Without You" from the dustbin during The Joshua Tree recording sessions (the band wanted to scrap the song). Bono also talked about his anger management issues, saying "I sing to save my life because I think I'm more volitile than is good for you, and I think I write to sort of douse the flames." 

Bono admitted that PopMart was his favorite tour, he jumped off a hotel balcony while with journalist Robert Hilburn in Los Angeles, and that "unfinshed business" is what keeps U2 together. Bono shared that he wants to write a book about the psychology of being a performer, and it's the band's dream to have a site in Dublin to show off the band's various stages so people can walk on and around them as sculptures. 

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it on TodayFM's podcast.