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Oseary Hints at Upcoming U2 Shows; Bono Says Full Tour in 2015


U2's concert schedule is officially empty right now, but recent comments from U2 manager Guy Oseary suggest that might change soon. Meanwhile, Bono is saying U2 will do a full tour beginning in 2015. More on that in a moment; first, let's look at what the new manager said.

Speaking to Mashable in an interview published late Sunday, Guy Oseary didn't give away any details about upcoming performances, but he seems to be suggesting that U2 is planning at least a few gigs to help promote Songs Of Innocence:

I think we've done enough disruption for a minute. We plan on continuing to support this album. We have the deluxe version coming Oct. 14. We also want to share this album with people from a live perspective, playing songs here and there for an audience.

With the physical album being released on October 13/14, it's possible that U2 could do a show around that time and maybe others throughout the holiday shopping season. It's also possible they might not do full U2 concerts, but something more like performances on Saturday Night Live and other things like that.

As for a proper U2 tour, Bono tells the Irish Times that'll happen in 2015:

We don't have a firm start date for the next U2 tour, but it will be next year. We need good ideas to go back out there live. Expect something new, something fresh.

U2's former manager, Paul McGuinness, recently told Hot Press the same thing about a U2 tour happening in 2015.