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Report: U2 to Announce Irish Concert Plans on Wednesday



The Irish Times is reporting that U2 will announce its plans to bring the Innocence + Experience tour to Ireland on Wednesday. Reporter Brian Boyd, who was with the band in Turin, says Bono told him after Saturday's show that U2 will play Ireland at the end of November. Beyond that, though, the article offers no details and says an announcement is coming later this week:

The city or cities they will play in, the exact dates and venue names will be made public this Wednesday as well as infomation about ticketing for the shows.

Dublin's 3Arena -- the site of the former Point Depot -- is seen as too small to house the I+E production. U2 has dropped hints in recent weeks that they may play Belfast instead of, or in addition to, Dublin. But in today's Irish Times article, some quotes from Bono make it sound like everyone has found a way to make the show work in U2's hometown.

"We found a way to reformat the show, to literally rebuild it for the Irish shows," says Bono. "It got to the stage where we just had to tell our people 'You have to make this happen, you have to make this work, this is where we are from and we have to bring the tour home.'"

We've contacted U2's publicity team to confirm whether an announcement is coming on Wednesday, and we'll update this article when we learn more.

UPDATE: U2's publicity team is unable to confirm that Irish concert plans will be announced on Wednesday, but did say that they expect an announcement soon.