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by Mary

Here's a scan of the backstage pass from U2's April 20, 1981 show at the
Cleveland Agora. Before the Cleveland Elevation concert (May 3rd), I ran into
an old acquaintance of mine who works for concert promoter Belkin
Productions. (Belkin was recently acquired by SFX.) My friend showed me the
backstage pass from the 1981 Cleveland Agora show (he worked there at the
time) and told me that he had shown the pass to Bono's bodyguard the night.

At the show, Bono remarked that 20 years ago they had played the Agora
and that an all-girl punk band called Bitch opened for them. "How are they
doing, are they still around?" he asked. So far, no former Bitches have come
forward to respond to Bono's query.

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