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by pete242

My 6th time seeing U2 and only show of this tour. Of the 6 times I have seen them, I would rank this number 2 on my list. Still the best time I saw them was night 1 of the Vertigo tour in Toronto, that show will be very hard to top. I am really glad that the band got back to arena tours this time. As much as I did enjoy the 360 tour you can't deny that this group really knows how to work an arena. Once again had GAs for this one, and ended up on the North side. Very well organized and so much room on the floor to move around. Went with my fiance to this show and it was her first time seeing them, based on the fun she had I am sure she will be back seeing them again with me.

So as for the show, the guys were in top form tonight as was the crowd. In terms of the new songs I know that the band is trying to tell their story in terms of where they came from. But I can sense that was the lull of the show that most people didn't go for. I did find the new songs come across better live than the album. But the 2 that worked for me were Song For Someone and Every Breaking Wave. Hopefully those songs stick around in future tours. Sunday Bloody Sunday you can sense they really are tired of singing this song, not in the sense that they hate it, but they wish for this memory of the reason they wrote that song to go away. Until the end of the world was paced well to end the 1st part of the set. E stage was great fun! The young fan Stephanie got to jam with the boys for not one but 2 songs! Angel of Harlem and All I want is you. Too bad Bono misread that he thought she wanted to dance to Mysterious Ways and she had no clue what to do on that one :)

Bono seemed to be very chatty on this night, maybe a bit too chatty at times but it's ok, when you go to enough shows it is to be expected. Hearing Bono sing the Shine Like Starts coda really made my night. I had a sneaking feeling that he was going to do it! very great moment. Only good part of the encore really was City of Blinding Lights. Rest of it felt a bit weak and could use some work. Streets doesn't belong in the encore, it has to segway from another song. Maybe from Running to Stand Still again?

The stage setup was really great, anywhere on the floor was a good spot. The band really have done a great job with the technology on this tour. You can be anywhere in the arena and have a very good experience. Thank you for yet another fun and exciting night guys! Can't wait for the next tour, the possibilities are endless! the musical journey continues.

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