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by Savvy

Good show, but back to the basics. There weren't any big surprises but the set was solid. They perfromed more encores songs than I could count. That had to be one of the most they've played so far. Other highlights:

* Lighting was amazing. Less is definately more.

* "Forever Young" played in tribute to Bob Dillon's b-day

* The new material was ace. They did a great job on every song off of ATYCLB.

* Bono doing laps around the heart during "The Fly". Carl Lewis eat your heart out. Paul "Crazy Legs" Hughson. Thought at one point he was gonna spin out and fly off the catwalk, but thankfully he simply splatted on the lighted backdrop wall instead...like a fly!! :-s The irony is so think you need a knife to escape.

* "Stay" is great as an accoustic ballad.

Some lowlights:

* WOWY was a little flat, and it sounded as if he didn't bothered to sing half the song. This happened in "Bad" as well. But I am optimistic that this has more to do with the incredibly atrocious accoustics at the ACC. From my cheap rafter special seating (uug), you could barley hear Bono talk or sing clearly.

All in all...a good, no-nonsense show with an extra tune thrown in for good measure, but I'm hopin tommorrow's show will be a little better.

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