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by Troy St.Denis

Wow. What a night. You could feel it in the air the second you made your way up to the Air Canada Centre. Outside, people lined up, sharing stories of U2 shows past. Some lucky folks sharing stories of the current tour. Could this evening be special? What with all that's been going on, Joey's passing (Thanks for the great music!), Dylan's birthday (Happy Birthday Bob!) and Bono & Ali's addition to thier family (Congratulations!). Well the second they launched into Elevation the question was answered with a loud, resounding yes.
For the most part, concert goers in Toronto are a pretty docile group of people. Being a proud Torontonian I've always hoped this would one day change. At least all the sections of the ACC stood through the whole show. We came alive again during Where the Streets Have no Name have never looked back.
From a U2 stand point it was fantastic. Edge, Bono, Larry & Adam - you guys never lost the job to begin with. These are four of the best showmen you could hope to see live. Not since Freddy Mercury has there been a front man who actually loves the job as much as Bono. Toward the end of the evening Bono thanked a long list of people including Canada's own Paul Martin (he's a politian up here ya know!) for Canada's involvement in the Drop The Debt Camapaign. But really the tahnks should go out to U2, Edge, Bono, Larry, Adam - thank you for helping make life that much more fun with your music, thanks for sharing that with us.

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