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by Curtis C

All I have to say is that was AMAZING! They performed a flawless performance for each song, and I couldn't have asked for a better setlist!

I sat in section 120 row 15, and the view was perfect. My friend and I seemed to have the only signs in the whole arena, except for a couple in the GA. My friend had "We'll shine like stars in the summer night" while I had "You'll shine like stars this Toronto night". We were hoping that it would be noticed to give Bono the idea to sing the extra verse on With or Without You. He didn't, but that didn't change the power of that song.

Highlights included Bono and Edge playing bull and mantour once again in Until the End of the World just as they did in Popmart;. During Sunday Bloody Sunday a fan threw Bono an Irish flag; The Fly splatted on the wall; they performed a short version of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" in honour of his birthday; Stay was performed which as we know already is a first for them to perform in a North American tour.

The ACC was jam packed (naturally) and I think everyone felt elevated throughout the whole show. They put seat numbers on our tickets but I think it means more like a number that you stand in front of, as no one sat down the whole time for those not on the floor.

Also, as i was sitting before the show started (my seat is close t oan isle) I could swear that I saw the lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies walk right by me twice! I didn't say anything but what are the odds?

Well I have many much more good things to say about the concert but I don't know any words for it. It was so just full of life in there and in their songs and I look forward to them coming back in the fall, cause I'm there!!!!

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