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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Joey

Reading the previous reviews from the concerts, and being there, I think we can all agree that it was a fantastic show.

Some of the highlights and observations for me:

-Bono's stage presence is incredible, and it's safe to assume that he had all 20,000 in the arena in the palm of his hand. How amazing is it when one man can actually command the attention and actions of 20,000?

-After seeing them as tiny bugs in stadiums, and now being 5 rows from the floor on Adam's side of the stage, I finally got to see the reality of U2...it's one thing to hear the music, and of course thats why we go, but to actually see them up close and playing, you reallu get a sense of who these people are.

-I don't know if anyone else realized, but at one point I think Bono had a tantrum. It was a song where he was playing his black guitar (I cant remember the song) and when the song was finished, he kicked his amp very hard and threw his guitar across the stage. I couldn't tell if this was theatrics or sheer anger. I think it was anger because after the show, his tech was checking the amp to see if there was any damage.

-Great songs of course, but with Bono having problems in some areas. After In a Little While, he says "No more singing like a girl." He had to ask the Edge to sing the high falsettos.

-The crowd, although very into the show, was not as energetic as they wanted us to be. Often Bono would try to get the crowd going by waving his hands. It seemed like people were generally just observing in awe rather than just losing themselves in the songs and going nuts.

Overall a great show, with some great guitar work from Edge, and Larry thumping along. Some great lighting. The only thing that I may suggest to the band is to pick up the middle section of the set list. Although some great songs, there were too many slower tempoed songs strung along together in the middle which may have affected the great momentum they created with the introduction.

Thanks for the memories boys,


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