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by Amman Beauty

I attended tonight's show all by myself. I am from Toronto and I am a bit of an anti social person. However, when it comes to U2, I feel the need to be myself and experience it without anyone whispering or speaking with me. I know...I am an unloving person.

When "In a Little While" broke, I was choked up. It took me to a place where I'd long to be. At that moment, I longed for a whisper. I longed for dialogue against my ear. I placed my hand on my heart as Bono churned this soulful tune into gospel.

Katrina v. Africa- a moving message. As some yelled, "more rock and roll," I thought: Why the hell am I not helping people live better lives? Do we need a natural disaster like Katrina to remind us of this? Do we need Bono to remind us of this? The answer is yes. Although not many people like being preached to, U2 reminds us that our fellow man needs us. Rebel against your indifference.

Fast Cars blew me away. It was like U2 turned into vivacious Mexicans. Moreover, it was spell binding. A brilliant mix of production and music.

A few technical difficulties proved to be nothing major as U2 rocked the house.

I will continue being anti-social, but I will not allow my fellow man be ripped apart because of my own indifference. I can't go to Africa. I can't help Katrina victims. I can help people in Toronto who want better lives for themselves.

And God damn it, I am going to do it.

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