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by Skor

Just got back a few hours ago from the first concert of leg 3. Dashboard confessionals were ok. the Sound was Spectacular. Absolute clarity. Right at 9.00, the lights go down, the streaming bulbs come down and there's the Band!. Amazing beginning. The crowd were NUTS! The sound was deafening.

Highlights of the show:

1. Performance. Bono Drumming at the end of the ellipse during Love peace or else. Bono and edge, adam and larry, each performing together for different songs. Edge Ripped it apart!.

2. Encores. Crazy!!

3. Lighting and visuals! Enough said!

4. Crowd participation.

Song choice could have been a little different, but I am not complaining. Would have loved to listen to Love is Blindness or some Beatles, but Hey.

Overall, The greatest experience EVER!

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