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by Steve

This was my first U2 concert and if they play another tour it won't be my last. Opening songs which Bono claimed that the band was just getting warmed up were: Vertigo, I will follow, beautiful and i cant rember the others. I knew every song they played but didn't stop me from tottally enjoying the show.

The crowd didn't seem pumped until the second half. Me and my buddy tossed 2 beach balls from the top deck, and never saw them again but what ever. The Fly had a cool funk too it live, but the crowd disapointed me because everyone around me didn't know any of the words except me, and my low voice which is like an octive lower than Bono's.

I think the way they ended with 40 was awesome, and it seemed full of soul and warmth, and that is what I think U2 stands for.


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