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by Sarah in Toronto

Wow. Just, wow. If ever I needed a boost, now is it. I've had a terrible year. After being seriously ill for 2 months this summer and needing emergency surgery, I'm surprised I even made it to this show. But I got there. I originally had GAs, but had to give them up in favour of seats. But who cares? I was in the building. I'm not quite my old self yet, but I'm getting there... and getting there a lot faster with this much needed infusion of U2.

I don't even know where to start. I've seen U2 9 times; in Canada, Ireland and the US, and this ranks up there as one of the best. This show was carried by an indescribable engery; Bono was in great spirits and chatted up a storm. The show ran an astonishing 2.5 hours, thanks much to Bono's stories! Honestly, I think he talked more last night than he did for all the other shows I've seen combined. I was shocked when I glanced down at my cellphone and realized it was 11:15 and U2 was STILL on stage! It seemed the band sensed the show's longevity, too. During the second encore, Bono asked, "is it time for us to go home?" to which the crowd screamed, "NO!" Bono then asked us, "is it time for you to go home?" and of course we shouted again, "NO!" It was just great.

Highlights of this show for me included, among other things, In A Little While, played for the first time on the tour, and Bono quipping playfully that they "haven't played that song in a little while;" I Will Follow and The Electric Co--these songs have so much energy; Bono remarking that "Edge is from the future and he's come back to be with us;" Miss Sarajevo with Bono hitting virtually every note; the band leaving the stage one by one during 40; and the beautiful tribute to the Hurricane Katrina victims during One, with the band bleeding the song into Ol' Man River and the crowd joining in. But definitely, the absolute thrill of the night for me was Fast Cars. This is a song I love, but something I thought I'd never hear live. And live, it sounds brilliant. It didn't even matter that most of the crowd seemed totally unfamilar with the song; it was just that good. And no, Bono and the boys didn't mess up the performance, as he feared they might.

Anyway, this show was fantastic. I totally needed this. Very much looking forward to the rest of the week! Thank you, U2, and dream out loud.

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