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by Peter T

4 years ago I posted a review for their last trip here to the ACC....that was a different time and so much has changed since then....and now as Bono says
"is a time to be excited about the future".....

September 12th will probably be one of the longest days of my life, but one to be remembered...it all started at 6:30 am having to be at work by 7 am. I parked, it was a nice breezy cloudy morning, walking by the ACC as it is on my way to work, seeing all the GA's lining up sleeping over night, of course to be expected.

So I work all day, by 3 pm I am unbelievably tired, and falling asleep in the office, my boss knows I am going to the show, (he is going to night 2) so I slept in the lab LOL.

By 6:30 pm I head out with my friend from work and have some dinner, we make it to the ACC around 8 or so, and I make it to the area that lets people with floors in. By this point I have missed the numbers to be let into the elipse, but that's ok, I get in to the floor area by the time Dashboard is wrapping up. Then comes the long 45 minute wait standing there, trying to make sure you are secure with a good standing place of a view. At one point someone famous I guess came out and drawed attention to Edge's side of the elipse so that allowed me to move forward a bit more till I got to the tip of the center part outside the elipse...see I didn't have to wait in line all day for that ha ha.

Started talkin with all the people down there, amazingly cool fans, Patrick and Brandon, you are really cool dudes. Even one guy next to me, (sorry never got your name) he went to see em in Croke Park and told me about it. People were actually quite accomdating in the pit. There was even a girl that was in front of me who looked like Laura Prepon (Donna from That 70's Show) but she thought she looked more like Julia Stiles which I had to disagree with her there. But none the less, wonderful people you all are.

8:50 PM Finally the lights come down and it all becomes real again! "Hello Hello...Toronto!" They are excited to be back! Vertigo makes us jump with the crazy lighting to start, Bono already has everyone eating out of his hand. "I Will Follow" the song that began it all, the one that they never forget got them where they are today, just got it all going big time! Then the Electric Co. finally the lights light up the entire arena and Bono and Edge join at the elipse center right in front of me, incredible!

I liked how Bono got the crowd to do that hand wave back and forth to the opening parts of Elevation. As "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" ends with us chanting it out felt like being in church, the City of Blinding lights just has Bono again on his knees in front of us bowing and looking up just like all of us are to watch the confeti just come down so beautiful. Miracle Drug was nice and calming a nice chat about the nurses :) Sometimes you can't make it on your own was simply stunning...I'll never forget it. He came right to the center and belted out the long note at the end (siiiiiiiingggggg) and the lights just came alive behind him, simply magical! and then it was chilling to watch him walk back pretending to carry the coffin of his father....very emotional, very quiet....

The politcal part of the show was cool as it was so neat to see Bono and Larry belt out that drum with the lights so flexible and running wild. SBS was just a reminder that the events of that day or any day like it are still fresh in our mind...

I never cared for Miss Sarejvo until last night..it was quiet, it was unbelievable..."is there a time for human rights??" over and over again it was said until the human rights video came on which was extremely creative. I will never forget that part of the show. Pride was cool then comming into Streets, the ending to it was so amazing as Adam and Bono came to the center tip and played it out with the lights just going up full blast! the applause for that after must've went on forever, the band couldn't even get to the next song.

"One" was real nice as we lit the arena up with our cell phones, there's nothing like it. Zoo Station kicked off the encore in fine style, it lead us into that part of U2 I think I'll never understand, but will always enjoy the extreme artsy and poetic part of them. With or without you, was....man I am at a loss for words on that, I couldn't stop smiling..when he pulled that girl up on stage and danced with her and hugged her passionetly so close and kissed her hands so gracefully walking away slowly, we just stood in such awe....she was wearing a Beatles t shirt and she kept shouting at Bono I LOVE YOU!! and he points at her shouting ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! finising off the song....so amazing....

I couldn't quite get Fast Cars, but it was cool of them to debut it here, the end chant was good to work with to help us understand it better. This crowd was loud, no doubt about it. Ending it with 40 was somber but a dream come true...Bono shining the light around the arena for us to get to know everyone :) singing "How long to sing this song" over and over as we walk away one by one, so awe inspiring. 11:20 PM they walk off, a show that is nearly 2.5 hours.

I remember last time doubting them after Elevation if I would ever go see them again...this time was like the rebirth, I believed in them all over again, the power, the amazing performance that no other band can give you.

I was sore, my back hurt, hands and wrists so sore from clapping along, voice gone, tired...but you know what....no other experience can ever compare to this. Simply one of the best performances ever! All these guys were pumped and soooo ready to be there and they showed us.

Bless you all, even the short people in the GA pit who could barely see but enjoyed it to their fullest, all the people I met, you guys were all so awsome and make it a pleasure to attend a show with.....

I'll see you all again on Saturday for another musical journey...

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