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by justin

Ok so i have had a week now to think over this show and overall, it was alright.

kicking off with VERTIGO was great, it's a great song and the lighting was great, then into I WILL FOLLOW was standard but again IWF is a great song.THE ELECTRIC CO was fanatastic, it sounded incredably fresh and i really enjoyed that. ELEVATION was rubbish, thought it was dull, wrong place in the set for it and it was just sucha great opener for elevation, why fuck with it?
BEAUTIFUL DAY meh, heard that one last tour 3 times...sounded the same this time round. ISHFWILF was fine nothing special...didn't reach me like in hamilton of 2001. CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS, MIRICLE DRUG, SOMETIMES are all weak and hopefully will never be played live after this tour. LOVE AND PEACE is probley the best song on the new album came off pretty good live, BULLET THE BLUE SKY was great except it sounded like edge fucked up the solo or something. MISS SARAJEVO was incredable and probley the best song of the night, was completely blown away by that song. PRIDE was fine, STREETS was great as always that song is there live gem, no question. ONE was great as ususal

ZOO STATION was wicked and into THE FLY was perfect probley enjoyed that part of the concert the most. WOWOY was actully really really good, ABOY was decent, FAST CARS should have been on the album, don't know if its a live song for them, nice of them to pull something out like that though...YAWEH whatever....40 was great, i really love that song and i am glad i got to hear it

so i mean it was a good show and i was lucky to get incredable seats for it, but what was with the stage....exact same as last tour...and another thing...the part of the show i most enjoyed has already been done in 92 and 93...and over 10 songs from this set were regulars on the last tour, yet they took out until the end of the world....just some things that make me think u2 are joining the aerosmith, rolling stones club, which is fine, but u2 seems to be losing some relevence in music

my highlights were Vertigo, Electric Co, Miss Sarajevo, Zoo Station, The Fly and 40

and this is where the show ranks for me in the name of big acts in ontario this year

3.Pearl Jam-COPPS
2.Green Day-Molson Park
1.Oasis-Molson AMP

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