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by dre

What a night . . . what a show . . . what a crowd! In short, a great performance from the boys. I was not lucky enough to get scanned into the "shelter", but ended up enjoying my vantage point from the back of the floor. Lots of room to move (it always amazes me that people can just stand absolutely still during this music. and I'm not talking about Miss Sarajevo. Anyway.) What put it over the top for me was the performance of Bad at the end. I was thinking about how it had been a great concert, I'd had a great time, but it hadn't been that intensely emotional experience that U2 so often can be. And then Edge rings out with those first notes of Bad . . . completely unexpected and completely outstanding!! Bad and Streets are two songs that, when heard live, just "take you to another place". Streets was excellent tonight as well, with one of the strongest crowd responses of the night. Here's hoping I can manage to get tickets for saturday - I can't wait until December to see them again!!

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