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by Stew

This was my 4th U2 show in 4 different tours. I was also one of the fortunate ones to be scanned into the elipse and was at the front rail.

Truely a great vantage point for a more pure rock and roll show. My biggest worry was that Bono's voice wouldn't be strong and after a couple of songs I knew that it was.

The set list for me was one of the best. Some younger U2 fans just don't get into the much older songs and they look almost bored.

Bono had energy. He belted out tunes with emotion and as always communicated with the croud. U2 fans want this. To see a U2 show is a unique experience.

The belly dancer girl connected back to Zoo TV and wrong song or not it didn't matter.

I liked Adam getting into the mood more this time. He is the cool rock star laying low with his bass. Way to go Adam.

I've never seen a bad U2 show. I'd have to be a movie critic who's job it is to critisize.

I saw a great rock and roll show last night.

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