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by C. Brown

Wel, I've had a few hours to ponder the show last night at the ACC. I left a little disappointed with the show. The band played a very tight setlist and sounded great. Song selection was great especially with the addition of Bad to cose out the show. My disappointment lies with the fans. i must admit that I have been to other u2 shows and have never experienced such a lacklustre performance by the crowd. I was in sec 310 and was shocked to see everyone remain seated once vertigo started and stay seated throughout the show. I just don't get it. And it can realy take away from the band as they feed off of the energy of the crowd which was not there in the intensity that one would normally see at a U2 show. The foor is usualy a frenzy of jumping dancing people and no one is in their seats. Oh well. I enjoyed the show but I can honestly say that I have seen better. I blame the crowd for this one.

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