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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jim Hirsby

Well, that was pretty amazing. My first show of this tour, and it did not disappoint. The new songs all sound amazing live, and the old classics (Pride, Streets, especially The Fly) all still have lots of life left in them. The stage design was cool; it seemed less busy than even the minimalist Elevation set, but when it was used, it was used to wonderful effect. The shimmering for COBL was beautiful, the circular patterns of Vertigo really added to the effect of the song and even something small like the blue lights during The Ocean was cool. The highlight, however, was the nonstop ZooTV-esque words on the screens during The Fly....'twas wonderful.

The encore was terrific. First there was Fast Cars, which blew me away since I had been avoiding setlists of the first Toronto shows to avoid being spoiled. Then came the local band playing a really good version of Out Of Control that U2 eventually took over. I thought we were going to be getting When Love Comes To Town during the phone call to BB King, but it was just a tease.

Overall a phenomenal show. Cheers to U2!

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