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by Sarah

I've been lucky enough to be back home in Toronto this week to catch all of the U2 shows in TO thus far, and without a doubt, Friday Night's show was the best performance yet. I would find this show hard to match anytime in the near future. The setlist was great, Bono's voice was sstellar (hitting all the high notes), great mixup with the instruments (Bono on drums, Larry on keys, Edge on just about everything). And not to mention that very talented band performing Out of Control. That is crazy knowing Bono just happened to pick these four guys (band members) from the crowd. Does anyone know what the band's name is?

I think there was a lot more colour in this night.. and by that I mean variety with an impact:

Light Show - It really was amazing. The light & video show complimented every aspect of the music. But what I thought was the coolest light show was the cell-phone part of the night. It totally was the Milky Way in there :)

Political - Posting Paul Martin's phone # on the screens. The number is (613) 992-4211. I saved it on my phone and I'm going to try calling again tommorow when I don't get a busy signal. (Our PM should be let off the hook for not living up to his 0.7%GDP going towards Foreign Aid). There was a lot of Make Poverty History aweness throughout the whole night, as well as Amnesty International awareness. Also side speeches on terrorism, 911 and growing up in Ireland.

Celebratory - Calling B.B. King on the phone to wish him a Happy Birthday (which the crowd did sing, quite well I might add :) I think most of the fans were getting to anxious with another suprise: 'When Love Comes to Town', but the Birthday song was in good taste.

Sincerety - Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own was definately a 'true to the heart' song, with Bono singing an opera chorus at the end of the song (opera, being his father's favourite music). Yes, we heard Bono sing. And sing well, he did so indeed. You could really see the prupose and meaning behing each song. Bono didn't leave much to hide. Miracle drug was dedicated to the doctors, nurses, medical professionals and researches that are all working hard to provide a better life for all of us.

Authenticity - Bono and the band put all of their heart and emotion into each song they played. You could just see it on their faces.

Rareties: Fast Cars, Ocean, Out of Control, full version and finish of 40 were all songs that really have not seen the light of day or their full effect in Toronto, up until now.

I have been to many U2 shows in the past, and I can't say that any of them have been better than the one I just saw last night. A show that will be hard to match.

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