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by Peter T

Over the last year I have spent so much time rediscovering U2 all over again. From when I first heard How to dismantle...at first I didn't like it, but after much time of reading up on the stories of each song and their meaning I can see why this album and this tour has so much meaning cause it is just that factor, that feat, that priviledge and honor that this group is finally able to own and share with the world. I have also spent a great deal of money over this band(then again who hasn't?) I've read all the interviews, heard some of the bootlegs from the first 2 legs, I even have the iPod which I still use every day(wonderful little devices aren't they)

It is tonight that I have come full circle back to where things all started...I made it to Monday's show and I still say that was the most spectacular show I have ever seen. There was no way in hell that the rest of the shows would live up to it.

This time instead of being on the floor I had seats, but was still very much in the action. Set wasn't as much different, only thing missing was either BAD or All I want is you! but I guess you can't have everything. Electric Co. was even better tonight, Edge came out there and really just gave it his all, and The Ocean was real cool as we sorta just clapped out to it with Larry beating the drum, although it didn't transition well to Beautiful Day.

The political edge of the show really felt something much more tonight than it did any other night, SBS was really a crowd mover as the whole building made that song move. As it all wound down I was trying to make out what someone said to Bono after Streets was over but couldn't quite make it out. I must admit that One wasn't that good, in fact I would've dropped it, but the cellphone thing is so cool! but bringing Daniel Lanois on stage? for what? everyone was looking and going are you even playing? bottom line wasn't good and can't imagine what was seen in that idea. But bringing Eddie Vedder on saved it when they did Ol' Man River.

I liked the creativity of the encore, with the radio selecting stations and then Pop muzik! yes and for the first time for me to hear it live Discotheque! they turned the place into a club was real neat. It then bugged me as there wasn't as much interaction with the crowd and they didn't come out to the tip of the elipse a lot. Fast Cars was much cooler, I loved how Edge played it in style, it is getting better.

As the show was over, the usher there was very friendly and chatty with me, so she started talkin with us about what we thought and all so it was a real nice conversation, she was a nice girl. As I started leaving I walked out into the concourse and heard everyone still singing "How long to sing this song?" I thought that was just pure genius.

I finally find my friends on the street who are just unbelievably over come with emotion and giving them big hugs because they really felt this experience and I am glad that they did and everyone did. I think the true inspiration was how great everyone reacted to it after walking around the building, that's what I liked the most. Even the guy that I sold off our extras was nice enough to shake my hand as he left thanking me graciously for the tickets as this was the only show he could make it to.

I just wanna thank these guys for one of the best weeks of my life, we all can live better lives, it can be more joyus and wonderful to be alive, even if we only get that experience for a few hours each night when these 4 guys hit the stage.

Dream out loud, and never stop creating, you make my life better because of it.

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