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by Robert Co

Best seats since 1987. Front row on the boards with a clear view of everything...and a dance floor all to myself with 2 empty seats beside me.

To others I appeared seriously bent as I couldn't stop pounding to every beat.

There is such a personal perception for each show, and mine made this show the best ever for me. That includes 23 shows since 1983. Check Oct 3, 1987 and you will see how impacting this statement is.

Every song was so on. COBL after seeing it 7 times was the best ever with it all heppening right in front of me. Monday in the GA also had a similar effect, but no comparison from a seat to the GA mass.

Electric Co for the 8th time this year was another overload. After COBL Vertigo and Elevation, I was soaked, then Electric Co. and I was out of it. This time though I was at least able to focus on all three peaks, and the final explosion in the song was fantastic.

Sometimes again was incredible, Bono hits it every time, on both peaks.

Love And Peace...unbelievable. What they have done with that tune live is incredible. It will go down as the best live tune from Bomb! IMHO.

The end of Love and Peace pounded as usual, it is incredible how so many awesome U2 songs have that heavy power session at the end with Larry, Adam and Edge driving full speed.

Then the '83-'91 stretch with Miss Sarajevo...the opera part is as astounding as the Sometimes peaks. Hitting those notes every time wihtout fail.

Then the encore. Been to 7 shows and now something completely different. I heard about a different graphic being seen on the screens at the soundboard, different from the Achtung Spacebaby slot machine. The radio dial shows up and finds Pop Mizik on the dial...complete euphoria.

Mofo? Discotheque?
Discotheque and holy shit was it awesome. I mentione dthe power jams at the end of great U2 songs...they ended Discotheque with an extended POWER session that I will never forget, and is now in the Pantheon of My Top 10 U2 experiences.

Fast Cars for the 3rd time, it was awesome on Monday and Friday, but being where I was Saturday, it was much better. Edge did a little more theatrics with his guitar.

As mentioned, each show is different for each of us. Toronto #4 was the culmination of a year long journey otherwise known as my U2 Revival. I spent the '90's having 3 kids only seeing the Toronto Zoo-Pop-Elevation shows...not complaining at all. This past year from the release of Bomb, to Jersey, Amsterdam and the 4 shows this week, has been unbelievable.

It came rushing in at once when they rolled into 40 after Yahweh.

I never have felt that type of rush of energy (not including the delivery room at the hospital).

I always dread the END of a special time, and last night was the end of a very special time, but there was a COMPLETENESS like never felt before. No hidden sadness that the week is over.

I spent the 3rd show managing my 8 year old son which means you are not dialed into the show, more the status of his eardrums. We got our songs in, the 6 or 7 he knows and hung out in the hall for songs he did not know. He toughed it out and stayed the whole show, last half from behind the soundboard where volume was slightly lower.

All in all, 3 shows is the number you need to feel that completeness. Just an observation. If there were 3 more shows, I would be there all day long, i am pointing out that U2 gave me a full serving of eveerything they give, and more.

I am forever grateful to them. There really isn't any amount of money that could equal the richness they add to all of our lives.

Robert Co

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