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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Justin Harris

OK this U2 tour was one of the great experiences of my life (comparitively of course considering Im married and have a kid). The set was great. Imissed Gone and Ground but they did play Stay, Kite and I remember you by the Ramones. During Sunday Bloody Sunday. Bono signaled to a fan to pass him the Orange White and Green he was flying (Irish Flag) and essentially said he doesnt belive in flags. Mysterious Ways was grea. Bono layed on one of the monitors as it came up being exhausted from sprinting around the heart on Streets Have No Name. Bullet the blue made me think about gun control. It has some video of Charlton Heston saying there are no good guns or bad guns. Bono uses a spotlight and as he closes with Into the arms of America he clicks it off like hes shooting himself. Edge had great solos going the whole night. Adam and Larry were the feet and spine as usual. All in all the boys were in great form. The seemed genuinely touched by the response from the Az crowd. Everyone seemed to know all the songs new and old. Like I said, an experience of a lifetime. I just hope that you enjoy or enjoyed it as much.

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