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by Dan

Hi all...

For me, the highlight of U2's concert in Phoenix came about 4 minutes into the show. During Elevation, Bono broke out into a what seemed like an almost angry version of 'In God's Country'. In the spot where he usually sings 'I'm not you're stepping stone', Bono sang the first 4 or 5 lines of the tune...it was a very special treat for everyone who made it to the show.

The rest of the show was incredible...I have yet to see a bad U2 show in the 8 or 9 years I have spent seeing this band. I think it is physically imposslble for this band to put on a bad show.

To those who follow this band and keep up to date with the setlists, it was obvious that this show was scaled down a bit in length/number of songs...possibly due to the NBA Playoff game that was scheduled for the next afternoon, forcing the U2 stage crew to work double time to clear things off after the show.

Only one acoustic song, 'Stay', was played (even that was almost skipped over as the intro to 'Bad' began after 'In a little while'...poor Dallas Schoo was left standing along the walkway to the heart not knowing if he should run to give Edge his guitar for the song). 'The Sweetest thing' was not played, and neither was the 'Gone'/'Even Better Than The Real Thing' pair (where one has been played in favor of the other). We were treated to a wonderful version of 'Kite'.

Bono, as with each time the bands rolls through Arizona, made reference to former Govenor Evan Meacham and asked how he was doing these days...we knew it was coming, we just didn't know exactly when.

At the end of the show, Bono decided 'One' to former Security Head Jerry Mele. He referred to Mr. Mele as the 'Mayor of Phoenix' and told the crowd of the terrible accident he had in Mexico City. Rumor has it that Jerry was in attendence, although he may have left before hearing Bono's dedication.

Due to arena mismanagement, the General Admission process was completely mishandled (it seems we are always reading about this). Even though the group I was with did not get into the heart, we did have a great spot against the rail outside the heart right in front of the drop down screens that the band uses during 'NY' and 'WOWY'.

This was the last show in a whirlwhind month for me that started in Florida and moved to Denver a few weeks later and Anaheim two weeks after that. I have been debating going to Boston for a couple of weeks now and the more I debate about it...as with most crazy U2 fans, the more I debate - the more likely it is I will be going. I will definately be in New Jersey when the tour closes out. If NJ are the last two shows I attend, it is going to be an agonizing 53 days of waiting.

Stay safe tonight


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