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by Brian

What a great show last night! It all started when my brother and I got there around noon. We wanted to get inside of the heart, so waiting for 6 hours in line was a small amount of time to wait to see the best band on the planet. It was about 4pm when everything got a little crazy. The security guards for some reason decided to move to line of about 300 people to another part of the arena. No one came around to warn or tell us this was going to happen. Everyone just started running from where they were and many people lost there spot in line. I still cannot figure out why they did this. Then it was about 6pm and everyone was ready to get inside and cool off. Rumors were going around that there was another line formed at the opposite side of the arena. That was very irritating being that officials at America West told me there was only one line for GA. Once 6:30 rolled around security made another stupid move. Everyone started running towards the doors and there was about 500 people fighting to get inside. My brother and I did push our way in and started running to get down to the heart. Somehow we found the one entrance leading to the floor. When we got down there we saw another entrance on the other side that was letting people down to the heart. That pissed me off because those people had probably only waited in line for an hour or two. They were letting 150 people in the heart from each entrance. We were #109 and #110. Thank God we made it in!! When we were almost inside the heart a member of the personal security staff from U2 was standing around seeing how things were going. A girl behind me started complaining about how things were handled. I was also talking to him and agreeing with what she had to say. His asked in a smart ass way, "Do you have any suggestions of how to handle things differently?". We both said that all they had to do was pass out the 300 wristbands for the heart to the first 300 people in line. This would avoid all of the potential problems and near riots. I still can't figure out why they wouldn't pass out the wrsitbands for the heart to the diehard fans that had been waiting in line for hours and maybe even overnight! They need to change how they do that. I saw a lot of people who were in front of us in line who did not make it inside the heart. Anyway, now onto the show. We could not believe how awesome it was to be right up front probably about 10 feet from the stage. PJ Harvey came on and she was pretty good. The crowd was very good to her giving her a good amount of applause. She mentioned that this was the best crowd on the tour. Seeing the previous shows reviews about her being booed, I guess I believe her. Now onstage comes the best band in the world. I kind of knew what to expect after seeing the setlists from the previous shows. Elevation rocked and the crowd was going crazy. Everyone in the heart was jumping and dancing. It was great. Highlights of the show were Kite, Sunday Bloody Sunday/40!!, Bad, One(sounded great), and catching Bono's water cup that he tossed into the crowd. Bono mentioned that a lot of people actually think that the band lives in Arizona. Maybe because of Rattle & Hum. The band had plenty of energy and did not seem to be tired at all. If you are going to an upcoming show, try to get inside of the heart if you can. It is by far the best place to be. Have fun and just enjoy the moment. It is something you will remember for a long time.

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