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by Brett Thim

This was my sixth U2 concert, the third one in which I was two rows from the top. At the previous U2 concerts I've attented it made no difference where you were in the arena or stadium, the concerts were powerful, the music was great, and the sound was crystal clear. However, this night was different for me in that my seats were behind the stage and off-center next to the roof of the arena causing the sound to be very muffled and distorted. The acoustics of being behind the stage's main speakers and having sound bounce off the roof and wall behind me were not ideal. It was a bittersweet evening for me since I know that if I was closer or in front of the main speakers the sound would probably be perfect and it would have been one of the best concerts I've ever attented. The band was very energetic and the crowd was LOUD. By the expressions of the band and Bono sincerely telling the crowd "thank you" at the end of the show, I believe that U2 really thought this was a special night. The crowd was so enthusiastic that I think everyone left feeling that it was a great show.

Opening the concert with Elevation, Bono gave us a treat by singing some verses from "In God's Country" - starting with the words "Desert sky...". Very fitting for an Arizona concert. Bono remarked how they were "home" and some people think U2 are "from Arizona" because of their past here (filming "Rattle and Hum"). Some other highlights were hearing "Kite" live and an impromptu "Stay (Faraway So Close)". The opening music for "Bad" had begun and Bono asked to stop it and he whispered to the Edge to begin "Stay". I was suprised at how well the new version of "The Fly" sounded, the Edge's solo was remarkable. My favorites were definitely "In a Little While", which Bono said had become a "Gospel tune", and the best song of the night, "Walk On". It is truly amazing live.

U2 and a crowd make for an incredible experience.

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