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by Mike A.

Ater waiting in line all day (from 8AM to 6:15pm), almost being trampled in the GA stampede, and luckily finding a wristband inside the heart, I finally made it!
I don't really know how to descibe seeing my favorite band (the best band in the world) from about 2 feet away. All I'll say is that Being inside the heart is well worth it.
Watching then guys pour their hearts and souls into every song they played was well worth the wait, and every penny paid. Bono was on top of his game and sounded amazing. I could tell his voice was bothering him a bit, he didn't hold back at all. In fact, he pushed himself vocally and physically throughout the concert. Seeing Bono sweating his ass off after the first song told me that he was really trying his best and that's all I cared about. The Edge, Larry, and Adam all kicked ass last night.
After reading all the bad reviews of this tour, specifically the cement setlists, and aging band, I'm really pissed beacuse it's just not true.
Hearing the guys bust into "In god's country" was unexpected to say the least. "Stay" was great. So was "Kite". Every song was performed like a masterpiece in its own right.
I think the most influental aspect of this show was the CROWD itself. I've never seen so many people go ballistic for two hours non-stop. The band members loved it, and in return really gave something unique. Their all. It was as if this was the last show they were ever going to play. Kind of like rattle and hum.
I saw Popmart at Giants Stadium a coule of weeks before graduating high school, and I've realized you cannot compare these two tours. They are different and great each in their own right.
The heart was an amazing idea. It's about time they let the hardcore fans who've proved themselves (by waiting in line for 10hrs.) have some VIP rights of their own. Last night was awesome. I can't wait to develop these pictures. A couple of times I stuck my camera right in front of Bono's face.
P.S. America West did a horrible job of controlling the GA Line!
Have fun at the shows.

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