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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by JBird

Like many posters before me, I am struggling to adequately summarize the show. I will leave a few thoughts.
-Bono is a true showman. You never fully understand that statement until you spend 2 hours closely observing his actions. He fully catered to the crowd and acted as though he wanted to reach every person in the arena.
-The show was all about the music and the crowd. We weren't subjected to any statements or experimentation, much debate can result from whether or not that is good or bad, just rock-n-roll. The setlist really had the audience in mind. They weren't performing to sell us on any new ideologies or statements, just give the audience the best show out there.
-I was impressed with the increased amount of improvisation. The ZOO TV tour, as great as it was, seemed like it was a victim of the rigid requirements that the technology and show demanded. Here the band was in control to play or say whatever they wanted. Bono did a very good job of making the good folks of Phoenix feel special.
-Hearing Bad played live is just an amazing experience that defies any description.

Overall the show left me convinced that U2 is the best performing rock-n-roll band currently touring and that their claim to the best band is completely legitimate.

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