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by Chad

Before reviewing the show I must say that the people at America West Arena were completely unprepared for the GA Floor ticket holders. The lines were chaotic and unorganized. San Jose was far better prepared.
We warned security that if they started splitting the lines and giving out wrist bands in random order they would have a stampede on there hands and we were right. I did make it into the heart (2 for 2).
The emotion was intense, the band performed every song very comfortably, like a veteran athelete playing a sport these "3 musicians and 1 dislexic" brought some fans to tears. Adam and The Edge were smiling more than I have seen in past tours and despite the heat the band as a whole gave it all their heart and soul. I loved the reference to In God's Country at the end of Elevation.. it made my trip to God's Country that much sweeter.
Not to boast but if you were there and joined in the crowd after Pride chanting "O o o o, oh oh oh oh" that was started here.
Stay True.

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