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by Kirk Snow

I have been to every U2 concert in Arizona since I saw them play the state fair in the early 80s, I believe it was 1981. This was by far one of the best shows of theirs Vie seen. Lets face it these guys are awesome musicians who every time I hear a song of theirs it makes my day go a lot better. And the crowd was just as cool. We sat next to guy and his sister who flew here all the way from Atlanta just to see them, now thats some dedicated fans and just proves the positive influence this band has in peoples lives. The only part I could do with out is some of the politics that is brought into the show for example gun control, which I happen to oppose. Instead of demonizing Charlton Heston, who is just as passionate in his beliefs as Bono & Crew are about theirs, why dont they show the slime buckets that actually commit the crime of murder. I own guns for personal protection and for sport, does that make me a bad person? Well as I said we all have our own beliefs on things I just hope that U2 isnt sucking up to the Hollywood elite by embracing their liberal agenda. Well aside from that the concert was awesome and reminded me of the good old days when a concert didnt need 40 tons of explosives and overboard special effects. It was just good music played by a very talented group of individuals.

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