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by buzz

My days as a U2 fan began and ended in 1983. As my friend purchased our general admission tickets that morning for the face value of $45, putting us no more than 5 feet from Bono, I couldn't help thinking about all those fans who had shelled out their hard earned money for the chance to look over my shoulders. If they were real fans, they would have known from the reviews here, that these tickets would be made available, the day of the show. Arriving as scheduled, about 30 minutes before the band took the stage, we were spared the agony of enduring even one breath from whatever a P.J. Harvey is, and more importantly, the stinch of those fans who have been following the band, and probably haven't bathed since Portland, and had now spent the entire day in the Phoenix heat. After the lights went down, the band played two of the songs I wanted to hear, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Beautiful day, (the first good song they have put out since the War album), and after hearing I Will Follow, my night was pretty much over. Some of the reviews say the concert was too short, but for me it went on too long. At that point, a chair would have been nice, but not at the rediculous prices they were going for. As I left following the encores, (my friend is a die hard U2 fan), I felt, that for the money he had paid, the concert was indeed a worthwhile event, but far from the magical experience, I've read about from so many here. Bono and Edge, are indeed masters of their craft, and while I can't name the other members in the band, the foursome was as tight as any, I've ever seen. All in all, I'm glad I went, and seeing the looks on the faces of those who had shelled out all that money, and looked so dissappointed, only made it better.
Bono had it right, when he said, "thanks for giving them a very good life."

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