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by Clair de Boer

I can't sleep... here I am in the wee hours of the morning, I happened to stumble on this site seeking other attendees of last nite's concert. I so glad I can submit my thoughts and share them with other U2 fans.

First off, I attended with 2 of my best friends and we drank a ton of great beer at the concession stands, which was dynamic. Only in this beautiful country. The energy tonite was superb to say the least. I took great notice of the crowd as the place erupted, especially during "Magnificent" and "Boots" to begin the show. "Beautiful Day" got the novice fans into it as usual. Then came a swarm of emotion, especially during "Stuck in a Moment." I felt the Hutchence vibe all over again!!!

At this point I was truelly satisfied and couldn't wait for my favorite NLOTH track "Unknown Caller." I was poised and ready, except they never played it!!! I couldn't believe it. That song should be a staple... an absolute must!!! I was hoping that maybe they saved it for the end, but they didn't, therefore all I could do... is what any other person in the stadium that didn't get to hear they favorite song did, and that was drink more BEER!!!

All jokes aside, it was a great show, but I heard many people were disappointed as the crowd scattered away, most people mentioned there disappointment with the omitting of "Unforgettable Fire" and "Unknown Caller????"

U2 please don't play this cruel trick on us again... if you decide to leave a song out, there are others that the fans prefer, "Streets" "Pride" or "WOWY"... I will see you again in Dublin, Night 2!!!

Hopefully I can sleep easy now that I found some closure on this site!!!

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