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by Macphisto

What about the spacestation? It's big, it's clever, and it's fitting. Great design.
Just back from the red zone. Indeed not many people in it. Didn't bother me. Still close to the stage.
Good set from Snow Patrol. We didn't had very good support acts in the Past in The Netherlands.
Bono's voice was good tonight. It pays of not to sing three nights in a row and then agian with only one night rest. I love the microfoon in the last encore!
Then the songs. It was my first show this tour so I share the feelings from the others about what they didn't play but on the other hand we got other good songs as well. Most of us here are spoiled. Travelling to more than one show. Having all the shows on their computer,cd or tape. But keep in mind that the rest of the audience doesn't share our passion/addiction.
For the entire setlist I must agree that the opening is in my opinion not as strong as it was in past tours. Favourites of mine are in the last part UV and MOS. See you somewhere in Europe. Walk on!

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