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by Gloria

Second night. And although I would be perfectly happy with the same songs as the first night, I was really happy and very surprised to hear the other songs.

-see my review at night 1
-BAD. After all the surprises this was so good to hear since it is one of my favourite U2 songs. And how great that 40 was added as a (pretty large) snippet, Bono let us all sing "how long..." when they left stage after the main set.
-Until the End of the World. As said before I am a Zoo TV/Zooropa fan and it made me feel good.
-And please stop complaining about the seats behind the stage. Of course we would love to see the guys upfront all the time, but what do you expect from seat behind the stage? I was behind the stage and (count your blessings!) was really excited that a few of the most beautiful performances were played in front of us. Like the simply wonderful performance of "Stuck in a moment" with Edge and Bono. Great to see them perform this great song.
-Elevation: once, 8 years ago, I was in the heart of the Elevation tour. It all came back.

So once again. U2 thank you and I wish for all the Irish people that U2 will peform as good as they did here, I still have a smile on my face after these great concerts.

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