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by luminoustimes

Amazing show! I do enjoy No Line on the Horizon, but hearing so much Achtung Baby was SO CLASSIC!
First off, Lenny Kravitz has to be the coolest opening act ever, and he was ON! His small horn section was off the charts, as were his background singers, and entire band. He talked up U2, and Bono thanked & talked up his band as well, adding to ironic and funny statement, "And he's ugly." Lenny brought the hits and the energy!
U2 was unreal, Larry, Adam, Edge all on their game and in general good spirits, and Bono showed no signs of recent spinal injuries whatsoever. For being the second night in Anaheim and 3rd year of the tour, his voice had amazing power and range. He amazed, as did the under-rated background vocals of the Edge!
Highlights: (really the entire set, but particularly) ZOOROPA, ULTRA-VIOLET, and the 5 song run of Achtung songs at the beginning!!! High energy from two of my favorite acts ever. Camaraderie between the bands, between each member of U2, and between (most but not all) fans in attendance. Thanks to the dude that shared his flask of rum among other things, and the girl in front who was all too comfortable rubbin' up on me (but in a cool way).
Lowlights: U2 + Lenny Kravitz = Great for the Heart, Mind, & Soul, but horrible on the Bladder and Kidneys!!! Got into the inner circle/pit and there was no getting out and getting back in alive; so a bit of advice to all those attending up coming U2360 Tour concerts: DON'T DRINK ALOT of BEER, WHISKEY, VODKA, and WATER before getting onto the floor. Tailgate it, then hit the bathroom before hitting the GA Floor, nonetheless, have fun and keep the bladder strong!
Lastly: Advice to standing room GA Ticket holders, don't try and screw over fellow fans by pushing your way to the front, and if you do at least be kind about it. More importantly, advice to everyone else, don't let d-bags ruin a good time for you. It happens at every concert with "standing room" style tickets and always will, forever, so "Don't let the Bastards grind you down." There is no reason to get overly angry about it; lets face it, Stadium security was too lax and I'm positive the circle was far over fire capacity, regardless, there shouldn't be anger at a concert by two acts that preach: LOVE, as their constant theme. I put it all out of my mind and had a GREAT time.
PS. In general don't let circumstances effect the (time) that you have. Yes, the parking lots sucked, but they always do, as do freeways, and most public transit. There was plenty of parking at the Pond of Anaheim for $20 and you can cruise right out for future reference. Be In the Moment as much as you can, and you'll realize that these 50 year old dudes will give you their all, and that is ALOT!!!

LuminousTimes (aka... LovePeaceorElse @U2.com)

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