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by NealP

So much to say about yet another incredible show from a band I have loved for 30 years, First, I have been less excited about this tour than any previous for a few reasons including that the new album just hasn't "done it" for so many (only 3 songs tonight), and the big complaint, especially from my Springsteen friends (RIP Big Man), which is that U2 is far too predictable, Well forget that last night! My daughter who went with said "dad why are these people hugging each other?" about 5 songs in. Look at the set list. Next, I almost didn't go because this was the toughest ga ticket I can remember. Friday night you could walk up to the box office at 630 and buy a ga face value. I had my fan club tickets but was scouting for night 2 and figured they would again release ga's at about 5pm. WRONG. I worked the parking lot, along with hundreds of others who never got in for 2 hours, buying 2 singles, the second of which came 25 minutes before u2 came on and literally minutes before I would have given my single away and gone home. Wow am I glad I didn't. The show, I think is better than when I saw them at The Rose Bowl, visually. The band seems better too and the energy both nights was high. Bono's mood and aside comments were funny and insightful, which real fans always love. Plus, its nice too see that they are having as much fun as us. Highlights included the SHOCK of hearing "The Fly" which was last played at one of my favorite show ever 5 years ago. Also, I tuned out "One" a while ago in the sense that I really prefer a straightforward version in which it is really played well. People smarter than me will know the last night it was played early like on Zoo TV, as it was tonight but the real satisfaction was in how well it was played. Just a beautiful song. Bono made a comment a few songs in about "1991" which for most bands is what they HAVE to do to get the fans going. Not U2 and not tonight because greatness and poignancy existed all night. Hearing "Streets" where it was as shocking as I could have ever guessed and it rocked like always. Set list shake ups? More, please. "Stuck in a moment" another song I wouldn't put at the top of my list was just beautiful and the Discotheque snippet really works too. The redone Beautiful Day intro brings tears to your eyes and the JT era visuals from night 1 were replaced by new things tonight. NOT the same show with Ultraviolet simply replacing HMTMKMKM and a few others, different all the way around! I could literally describe every song as well played, with good sound and good humor, but suffice it too say, when you dont know what is coming (and the for the most part we didnt), it really shakes it up and makes things fun. SO glad I went!!

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