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by Tomas

Well, after Barcelonas concert we drove all night long with my friends ti San Sebastian.

All my expectations about the show in Barcelona were fullfilled and I can even say it was hell way better than I thought it would be.

I think I enjoyed much better this San Sebastian concert because I wanted to hear and see the band instead of shouting, singing and jumping all concert long.

Its incredible how fair they play the songs, they seem to be a clock machine, just perfect. Bonos voice sounded great, better than in PopMart and Elevation Tours. Edge is, without hesitation, the best guitar player of our generation. Hes able to find all different sounds out of the same instrument, making U2 sound fresh as always. Adam is in his best moment, hanging around all along the stage just as Larry, singing along in the choruses.

To round up, U2 IS the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. No band ever will get to sound as well as they do live. Attending to a U2 concert is a mixture of feelings...you can either laugh or cry, and no other band is capable of that.

U2 has turned to be the soundtrack of my life. I can review my life backwords and hear U2 songs in different parts of it. Theyve become something bigger than theirselves because their music is beyond everything. There will never be a band with so much passion, so much to give away.

All we can do about U2...is just follow.

Best wishes,


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