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by Richard Glover

Brilliant show; the best gig I've ever been to. I saw all three Vertigo shows in Sydney, but this was better. Bono's voice was in top form, the songs were full of great snippets, and the band spent a heap of time out on the walkway (where I was up against the outside rail). Really glad to have had Jay-Z on stage for Sunday Bloody Sunday, and cool to have heard Scarlet performed. Would've preferred to hear Ultraviolet rather than HMTMKMKM, but I wasn't expecting Bad. It was the highlight.

Bono also included a snippet from Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' in Until the End of the World. Apparently this isn't the first time on this tour.

Edge had a rough time of it playing Stuck In A Moment (missed a number of chords!) and Larry dropped the beat in Streets; but it was hardly noticeable, and a nice reminder that they are human after all. Adam was on fire!

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