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by Mark

After Zoo TV and Pop I missed Vertigo so was keen to see the boys again.

Before the night I was skeptical about the claw. It couldn't possibly top Zoo TV, could it?!? However, it clearly worked, with the boys using it well to give the fans an up-close experience, something that has always been difficult in the past. It was amazing to watch them on spread out on the runway doing their own thing, but in perfect harmony.

Not sure about those who spotted Edge's 'many' mistakes. He had a twoon SIAM, but was on fire for the rest of the night. UTEOTW was simply amazing, the way he was waving his axe around during the guitar solo. I've never seen Adam so animated, at one point bouncing up and down on the front section of the catwalk. It was great to see them enjoying themselves.

I went home and watched the 360 Rose Bowl DVD and noticed that Bono's singing and Edge's guitar work were far superior in Sydney than LA. Take that, US!

Jay-Z in my view was attrocious. The volume was way too loud in our section, and his yelling, monotone presentation (is it rapping, is it singing?) was enough for us to get up and leave after 2 songs. Still don't understand why he was support.

Also disappointed to hear that they didn't sell out the 2nd night. I had looked at buying tickets at one point, but was told they were sold out. I think the promotors shot themselves in the foot by releasing the tickets in stages. I would have happily come back for the second night, if I knew tickets were available.

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