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June 27, 2022

by Tony

further to 13 Dec 2010 again........
Out of this world visually and techonlogically.

A couple of things for us general fans.....

- Bono senses the 2nd show a bit quiet and asks if some are tripping.
- After Adam Clayton 2.0 comment and great human being comments, Bass player goes on fire, responds to sections of crowd and takes of shirt and goes ape.
- Bono responds later by saying 2nd show tops 1st show, I think its his joy in seeing clayton go rock n roll.

I was behind the claw about 80 metres away both times. Seing them come in and say their goodbyes many times was a rush and worth the rear view, but front view of the claw of course.

Musically, maybe the sound was better on Monday but performance better on tuesday.

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