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by deck

Unbelievable! What a night... what a show! After only arriving at 5:45 and fully expecting to be about half way back in GA, we managed to get in the inner circle, standing next to people who had been lining up since at least midday (I have a feeling the level of anticipation and excitement about this tour/show isn't the same as the previous shows). After being in the stands last night, this was a completely different experience, the show was not about the production at all, it was all about the 4 men on stage. From the inner circle, you got a real appreciation of why it's called the 360 degrees tour.... we were very rarely looking just in one spot. We were turning around everywhere just to try and keep up with all that was going on around us. However, I thought they started the night a little flat. The Edge seemed to be going through the motions a bit and once again missed the start of his solo in Magnificent (I think he may have dropped his slide beforehand, as he seemed to signaling to his guitar tech during the early part of the song, who then rushed out to give the edge his slide just in time). Bono was doing is absolute best to get the crowd fired up and it wasn't until Elevation that they responded. From this point,the night became very special. Bono's speech about their time in Sydney and the significance of this city to Adam clearly touched the band members (and everyone in the crowd!) All I Want is You was sung with passion, and although Love Rescue Me was pretty loose, seeing the 4 men, standing together, interacting with each other as they played a song they had not played live in 20 years was something to behold. A real reminder of why this band is so special. Pride was amazing, and Bono would have kept singing the outro, had it not been for Edge and Larry getting straight into In a Little While. To Watch Bono interact with the crowd is something else. The roar and singing of the crowd is like a drug for him... he was clearly getting off on it... and he wanted more! Adam, was clearly very happy to be there, taking his shirt off on stage towards the end of the gig. Ultraviolet was awesome, I was very happy to hear that. Just as the band were leaving the stage after Moment of Surrender, Bono ran back to the mic and said "You won't forget about us now".... Bono had a point to prove tonight. They are the best band in the world and they want it to stay that way. I hope it does.

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