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by Steve

After posting a fairly negative review of the final Elevation concert in Chicago, I thought that maybe I should return to the roots and review my first (and one of the best) u2 concerts.

All these many years later and so many memories are still so incredibly crystal clear, from the fact that none of us actually had tickets to the show (and subsequently all got them for close to face value, mucho thanks to folks unknown!), all the way to the closing notes of "40" signalling the end of what amounted to a religious experience for one and all. (The concert conclusion was followed by the crowd singing the chorus of "40" for at least another 10 minutes after the concert itself had ended. Way, way cool!)

Was it truly almost 20 years since this concert took place, hard to believe but true. To even attempt to describe the individual songs or even the entire concert experience as a whole is nearly impossible since it was indeed such a seminal moment in time for one and all. Very much colored by the fact that there was absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind in attendance that night that the lads from Dublin were about to take the world by storm. (An experience that I have had a few other times in the past, as in seeing such disparate groups as Cheap Trick, the Police and Fleetwood Mac playing small venues before being 'discovered' by the masses.) A year later and u2 commanded the stage during the Amnesty International Tour!

All in all, a concert that will linger in my memory for all time!

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