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by Elvis

Now, THAT'S not something you see at your standard depraved rock n' roll show!

This slightly off-kilter thought sprung into my head halfway through "New Year's Day." Bono had previously stopped along the right incline of the heart, and had taken a very large piece of paper from a little girl in the audience. He'd come back.

Bono stopped once again, in front of the girl, who was probably eight or ten. He motioned for her to climb onto the ramp. After she'd done so, Bono hoisted her onto his shoulders, and proceeded to carry her around the entire heart-shaped ramp for the remainder of the song. While she clapped joyfully right above him, Bono sang, "I will begin again..."

Second though that crossed through my mind at the same time... "I bet you'd never see Mick Jagger do that!"

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