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by Margaret

I caught them previously in San Jose 4/20, but this show was far different. It was definitely more emotional. For some songs like "Bullet the Blue Sky" and even "One" I couldn't sing, or even clap. I just stood there in wonder of the spectacle, taking it in. It was almost unbearable to see the names of those who died on September 11th scrolling during "One."

I usually feel rejuvenated after a concert, but this one left me drained. I don't see how the boys can do this show night after night. I am thankful that U2 has offered some solace and remembrance (as no other band possibly could). Yet even 2 months after September 11th, I still am unable to make sense of what happened.

There was a touch of humanity during New Years Day when Bono plucked a kid from the heart and put her on his shoulders. He made his way around the heart singing and eventually got her back to her place. He said even in the earliest shows in the Bay Area he remembers people bringing their kids to shows and that its an unusual phenomenon.

Besides this, overall their performance was intense but there was a certain joyfulness that was lacking. Even in Walk On the song seemed to be more about the loss then getting on with life. I had tickets for their following concert and all I could think when I arrived home this night was how can I make it through another one of these? (Check out my review for Oakland 11/16.)

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