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by Brett Thim

I must have been just about the last person to get tickets since our seats were near the top of the arena, but it didn't matter. U2 in concert is simply amazing and watching how the crowd reacts to the music is entertaining in itself, even if you can't see the band that well.

We were late to the concert, coming from Tucson, so we missed the opening band and got to our seats about five minutes before U2 took the stage. I remember thinking how confined everything was having only seen U2 in a stadium before. The music was too big for the arena.

The highlight for me was the reworking of "Bullet the Blue Sky" with Edge's solo. During the solo Bono disappeared from stage and came out below it next to the security guards, before going into "Running to Stand Still".

I remember Bono didn't talk much between songs, but he did mention how the band had a great moment here before - referring to the Rattle and Hum concerts at the end of the Joshua Tree tour. The concert ended with the crowd chanting "40", but there was no second encore. We felt disappointed at how short the concert was (roughly an hour and forty minutes), but it was a great show anyhow.

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