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by Lee

This is were it began for me, U2-Zooropa 1993. Having seen INXS in the students union in Cardiff and U2 in Wembley (11th August), It was watching U2 in Cardiff (18th August) that gave me this delusion that i was welcoming them in my home, Wales. Yes, it has been said that U2 sold their souls and appeared lost amoungst the show of ZOO TV, and some claim the Joshua Tree Tour was better. But no, no-one was going to take away this memory, this night away from me. My nan was alive then, Princess Diana was alive and we were entering the glamour of a new world, TELEVISION. From the moment when the puppet Bono and the boys jumped out of the box during the Happy Mondays Step on, the atmosphere here in Cardiff was electric. They came and blizted out Zoo station, he swaggered through the show dressed in a black PVC outfit and they blew me away. One love turned into unchained melody like Zoo TV turned into Zooropa. They came to us and played and tonight they... he sang to me, Pride, Babyface, Until the end of the world, i was numb, edge sang numb, they were great. It is now 2001 and i sit with a fag in my mouth reflecting this fantastic show, and although i have since seen them in Holland, Greece and the Earls Court. Furthermore, despite my regret and sorrow that they have not since choosen to come back to play for us, their fellow Celts, to me U2 will always be in my heart and memory that August 18th 1993 is where it all began for me which has since inspired me to continue too support their fantastic music and their honesty.....

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