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by Lowell Smith

You know, I've never really attained musical ecstacy at a live concert. Listening to music in my car, or really late at night... that's common. But it takes something really special for a group to pull of that feeling of ecstacy live. That happened to me for two hours tonight.

Last week in San Diego was a pretty good concert, but this show was amazing and perfect in every way. I'm a little disappointed they would do Kite the last two shows, then drop it tonight, but I can't really complain. Looking around the Arrowhead Pond and seeing punk teens, 50+ year old adults, young married couples, and anybody else you could think of getting along in the spirit of U2 is a grand thing. The boys are without a doubt the greatest rock band in the past 10-20 years. Seeing them at their prime is life changing. Thanks for the elevation... and the roll of pictures.

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