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by Fredrik Alkdal

Just got back from the second night in Anaheim. A great show as always, but I think I've gotten jaded after the 2nd show in San Jose. They played pretty much the "standard" set, i.e. Gone, Real Thing, Bad, Ground Beneath Her Feet all made it back in the lineup, with Angel of Harlem being the only difference from Desire. I loved every second of it, but I do wish they would've played Kite again, it should be a staple on this tour and many to come.

I have to say it's fun to see shows in LA. I found myself at a urinal next to David Spade before the show and there were plenty of porn stars (or wannabes) that came into the heart halfway through the show. And I'm glad one of the girls that's been travelling the west coast with me finally got to dance with Bono during Angel of Harlem.

That was my last show before Slane, see you all in Ireland!!

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