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by desiree

Journal entry 4-25-01

When I heard about the U2 concert I was excited at the prospect of going. We ended up with seats in the nose bleed section for the San Diego Show.

U2 opened with their two hits "Elevation" and "Beautiful day". I was quickly taken by Bono's stage presence. It kind of reminded me of a happy lighthearted Jim Morrison. He wore black leather, Ran laps around the ramp, lounged atop the video screen, played matador and bull with his guitar player and taunted the audience as he sang the lyrics "Touch me...take me to that other place, each me......"

From our vantage point we could see an ocean of people in the venue. The general admission crowd on the floor swaying with the music. Quite breath taking. Not a seat in the house was empty.

The show was good technically (but from what I hear nothing like their former stadium shows.) They made interesting use of several scrims utilizing nicely the shadows of Bono dancing during "New York". The images reached wonderfully to the last row. Another nicely choreographed section used a small hand held spot light that Bono held as he sang "Bullet the Blue Sky." Vocally I think Bono was excellent. He was expending loads of energy physically, but he was still able to deliver flawless vocals. Although not a perfect singer, Bono has a very unique interesting voice full of raw emotion. His falsetto is surprisingly high and clear LIVE. He sounded better than the recording. The Edge's Guitar was also flawless utilizing the delay settings that U2 is famous for. The drums were quite impressive as well. The show exuded a mature U2. A U2 not so full of angst. A U2 that has some answers.

Exhausted and happy we went back to real life, but I could not get the music out of my head. We discussed going again in Anaheim but the prices for the seats available were far to expensive on ebay. We went on TM briefly Tuesday morning (the morning of the show) and found this Jewel....... 2 GA tickets!

We arrived at the Pond after work and some how, as we made our way into the arena we found our selves at the tip of the heart two people back.

Once U2 came on I felt this violent pushing behind me. I asked the source of the pushing to stop but he continued for several minutes. The Pro Staff guys flashed their lights with a warning but this Joe Shmoe continued to push, trying to get past me, after a while the Pro Staff guys jumped over the divider and pushed the troublemaker and his friend off of the floor. The whole section clapped. I was relieved.

This show was extremely memorable but to be honest, for much of the time I could not concentrate on the show. I felt disoriented and claustrophobic. (Water was not allowed on the floor). I was standing uncomfortably for over three hours with back pain (which is still existing one week later) and whiplash caused by Mr. Shmoe. The lighting effects were lost on our area, and "New York" was not as interesting from our vantage point. But we got to see Bono and the band up close. Bono looked a little tired, I could see it in his eyes.....but he gave our area a great show. One highlight of the concert for me was hearing the humility in Bono's voice as he prayed to God thanking him for all of the wonderful things he has been blessed with. " How can I give back to you?" They ended the show in a chorus of Hallelujahs.

As I reflect on the events of the week, I am glad we went for a second time and I am glad that I got to see two completely different perspectives on the same show. What wonderful memories.....

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