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by Lenny

This was perhaps the greatest U2 show I've ever attended. I was able to score great seats on the day of the concert for face value. I went with both of my best friends. U2 played most of my favorite songs. But the main reason that this was my best show ever was because of one moment.

During Sunday Bloody Sunday, a fan began waving an Irish flag in the first row on the left side of the stage. Bono looked over to him and acknowledged him with a peace sign. At the high point of the song, Bono went over to the fan and asked him for the flag. After "challenging" Bono for a second or two, the fan wadded up the flag, kissed it, and tossed it to Bono on stage. Bono hugged it and delicately draped it over the keyboard where it stayed for the rest of the show. That fan was me. It was the greatest single moment I've ever experienced at a U2 show.

Is there anyone out there who was shooting video of this song on that night? Or are there pictures? I would give almost anything to see it on tape or in a still photo. Please email me if you know of something.


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